What Our Students Have to Say about Runnymede Stables


“Very simple, but very true. Lee and Charlotte taught me “Do unto others…”, the value of hard-work and follow-through, two traits which are embedded in me. They also taught me everything I know about character and they contributed greatly to who I am today.”
~   Robyn Chapman

“I have been with Lee since 1990 when we moved to Oklahoma. I simply cannot imagine training under anybody else. No one else has her knowledge and can make the horse and rider fit like she can. Everyone at Runnymede is looked upon as a big family – we all truly care about one another.”
~ Jeri Saltzman Cox

“I have been at Runnymede for three years. I board my horse, Dewey there. Riding has taught me to make goals and stick to it.”
~  Piper Bynum


“Runnymede Stables was my second home in High School. The lessons I learned at Runnymede about hard work, taking care of your teammates, self assessment, achieving your goals, and the thrill of competition helped me become the person I am today. Had I not spent the summers I did with Runnymede and Lee, I would not have made it through the rigorous curriculum at the United States Air Force Academy. Runnymede was my “First Job”, my first time living away from home, and my first opportunity to push myself beyond my perceived limits.”
~  Lena Byrne Freienmuth

“During my three years at Runnymede, Lee has taught me about what it means to be a good rider, not just looking pretty on the horse. I have also learned a lot about facing challenges and overcoming obstacles such as fear.”
~ Farley White


 “Courage is being scared to death but saddling up anyway.” -John Wayne
I was introduced to Lee & Charlotte by the owner of the summer riding ‘camp’ where I worked. Lee and I were the same age, became good friends and I ended up spending a year as what would now be considered a working student. I don’t know whose idea it was to ask a not-too-aggressive rider to give a not-too-bold horse more confidence so his amateur owner would be able to safely hunt him – but it worked like a charm. It was a win-win-win situation!

I learned so much in that year – and throughout our friendship – it would be difficult to note it all. From Charlotte – at least one of my favorite recipes, a lot of psychology, and a ton of horsemastership (now THERE’S an old-fashioned term for you). From Lee – a curiosity about and respect for various disciplines and breeds, an appreciation for all kinds of bits, a lot of horse-psychology, skills that earned me the respect of several internationally renowned riders and trainers, and so much more in so many areas.

Many years later, I worked with Lee in her video business for a few years. When I was hired by NYS, thus being too “grounded” to travel to all the major national shows to which we were providing service, I started my own – much smaller scale – video business in the northeast, where we’ve been successful for the last 15 years. I’m delighted to see that both Sean and Kelli have matured into such capable young adults – and kept the Runnymede tradition alive. ”
~ Carol Lynn Coronios


“Horsemanship and riding are only a small portion of the things I had the pleasure of learning during my time at Runnymede Stables. I learned the values of hard work, independence, responsibility and most importantly the importance of listening to Lee, she’s almost always right.

Runnymede Stables is a place to discover how far you are willing to go. Lee can make you believe you can jump the moon; it is only for you to muster the courage to do it.

A note about Runnymede Stables…when they left Harrisburg in 1981,they left a huge void in the area of excellent teaching and training of equines and students. They have never been replaced. On a personal level, Charlotte and Lee introduced me to riding as a 31 year old in 1972 and I am grateful to this day for the joy that the horses and riding have given me,all due to their excellent tutelage and friendship. ”
~ Mary Ann Yahn Ruud

“In the 13+ years I trained with Runnymede Stables, the values of determination, responsibility, and discipline were consistently emphasized. This directly resulted in my All-Around Non-Pro title at the 1986 Appaloosa World Championships. These same values led to a successful career in banking and now in my most important role in life – mother.”
~ Julie Hayduk Moravec


“I’m a second generation Runnymede student. I have learned so much at Runnymede and have become so close to everyone they are like my second family. I have learned how to take care of my horse and how to ride. These last 3 years with Lee have gone by so fast. Lee has matched me with that “perfect horse” and has taught me more than I could ever dream of. Runnymede is just a great place to be.”
~ Jillian White

“The wealth of knowledge that I gained while at Runnymede Stables laid the foundation for my career in the horse business. My time with Lee not only took my riding to the next level, but my horsemanship as well. Lee emphasizes the importance of education, hard work, and setting goals with all of her clients, which gives each student a sense of independence and confidence in their riding experience.

Lee also has an incredible eye for a horse- her talent with starting horses and working with “problem” horses is second to none. For the rider who desires a solid education in all aspects of horsemanship: time is well spent at Runnymede Stables.”
~ Anna Studenny, Assistant Commercial Manager, ~ Castleton Lyons Farm

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