Sean Johnson

EPSON MFP imageSean and My Cousin Vinnie at the Olympic Trials.

Sean Johnson, Lee Troup Johnson’s son, was born while the family still lived in Harrisburg. Sean was once asked how long he had been riding, to which he calmly replied, “I have been riding since nine months before I was born.”  Lee was not the type to quit riding because she was pregnant.cybil01

Sean began his riding career in earnest at thirteen when he was given his first horse to break. He has been competing in eventing since 1994 and has also competed in western reining, hunter, carriage driving and trail.

Eventing was Sean’s primary equestrian sport until 2002. He was selected to compete in the North American Young Riders Championships in 1999 as a representative of Area V and qualified for NAYRC both in 1999 and 2000. In 1999 he worked with Jim Graham in Florence, Alabama. In 2000, he is spending the winter with David and Karen O’Connor in Altoona, Florida.


Since 2002 he has been riding reining horses. He now has his own facility, Johnson Performance Horses.





Sean Johnson was one of the youngest riders to be accepted for the prestigious U.S. Equestrian Team training, under the tutelage of renowned trainer Jim Graham.

Amber Timmy Lee Sean champ MGN 97

Awards Overview

2000 Year End Awards
OCTA Awards
High point for year end My Cousin Vinnie Advanced
High Point for year end Balk Talk Intermediate
High Point for year end low score award, tie both horses are his rides.
Just Another Cousin and The Keegster with low score of 27

1999 Year End Awards
OCTA Advanced Division High Point Award with My Cousin Vinnie
Intermediate Division High Point Award with My Cousin Vinnie
Novice Division High Point Award with Cybil
Area V High Point Award for Quarter Horse My Cousin Vinnie

1998 Year End Awards
OCTA High Point Training Award
OCTA HIgh Point Preliminary Award

1997 Year End Awards
OCTA High Point Novice Award

1996 Year End Awards
Area V finished 3rd overall
OCTA High Point Training Award (O.K. Combined Training  Association)
OCTA High Point Novice Award

Karen and David O’Connor, The Plains, VA
Pie Lafferty of Lafferty Stables, Tulsa, OK
Lee Troup Johnson, Glenpool, OK

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