Runnymede’s Lesson Program

We provide lessons for all levels of riders by appointment. Our lessons always focus on learning in an environment that is safe and productive for both horse and riders. All lessons are private with one instructor for each student. Runnymede does not require a contract for lessons and you are never under any obligation, however we do ask that you use courtesy in scheduling lessons. If it is necessary to cancel with less than 24 hours notice to the instructor, there will be a cancellation charge.  


Riding School Options

Beginner riders start with 30-minute lessons on horses and tack provided by Runnymede. Students are taught to groom and tack their own mount before their lesson and untacking and putting their tack and horse away.

As their skills develop, they are encouraged to advance to one-hour lessons, and we recommend beginners to take one to two lessons per week.

Runnymede strives to work with each student on an individual basis in order to meet them at their level and ability. As students advance we offer lessons on their own horses as well as ours, so that they can develop as a team either to compete or just to enjoy their horse. Lessons are available in all disciplines with our emphasis being in eventing. Coaching and training for showing and competition is provided based on availability of instructors.

Riding School Pricing

30 minute private lesson $35
50 minute private lesson on our horse $45
Ship-in lesson on your horse $50
Cancellation fee $20
Coaching fee at shows $65

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